Quality in every respect.
Quality - handmade in EU
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In the foreground of our medium-sized company are:

A) Quality and material safety
B) Ethical and moral principles
C) Resource saving production
D) Production sites in close proximity to customers
E) Maximum focus on customer needs in sales and account management (EDP)

A) Quality and material safety
- All raw materials adhere to EU REACH
- All raw materials are certified according
  to Oeko-Tex 100
- Selected products are additionally certified
  by the TUEV Hamburg
- We also do spot tests of our products at
  the Hohenstein Institute
- All raw materials with skin contact adhere
  to the DIN-Standards for baby products

B) Ethical and moral principles
- We strictly adhere to our internal Code
  of Conduct
- This Code of Conduct forbids the use of
  child labor. Given that child labor regulations
  are particularly difficult, and sometimes
  impossible, to enforce worldwide, we have
  decided to locate all production processes
  within the EU.

C) Resource saving production
- Our production processes are continually
  monitored as regards energy and water
  usage - and not only for cost reasons.
- State-of-the-art machinery ensures that
  we can maintain the highest standards
  of productivity, quality and efficiency

D) Production in close proximity to consumers
- Our production facilities are located in
  Central Europe in the EU.
- Our central warehouse is also situated there.
- We deliver directly from our central
  warehouse, thereby avoiding interim storage
  facilities or empty runs.

E) Electronic data communications system
- We are capable of fulfilling every customer
  requirement with regards electronic
  data exchange.

We deliver top quality products that comply with all regulatory requirements and moral principles. As a result, none of our customers need worry about making headlines due to the distribution of products containing harmful substances or produced under morally questionable conditions (such as child labor).

We can and will match the competition's price on nearly any product. Put us to the test.